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In my short story and first eBook, ONE OF A KIND, Paula Copeland is my high-maintenance character who is suffering from money sickness syndrome.

Money sickness syndrome is a condition that reportedly affects a large percentage of the world’s population. According to one mental health researcher, the term is used to describe the physical and psychological symptoms experienced by people who are stressed with money worries. We all need money in order to make it in this world, and there’s nothing wrong with having money nor being financially stable. But whether we have a little or a lot and whether we worry about it or not, what is our attitude regarding money?

There is also nothing wrong with having money concerns. It’s common, and understandably so, especially during hard economic times, but again, what is our attitude regarding this necessary commodity? Some people who have just a little materially are just as happy as some who have a lot. The bottom line is: wherever we are on the money leader board (whether at the bottom, the top, or somewhere in between), we should keep in mind that our Creator knows exactly what we need. And as long as we keep Him first in our lives, just as He promises, He will make sure that we have everything we need.


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