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A Spanish proverb says:  “Whoever is not grateful for a rose will not be grateful for anything.”  (Quien no agradece una rosa, no agradecerá ninguna cosa.)  What is it about flowers that captivate us and warm our hearts, making even the worst day a little brighter?

The flower industry is booming, and in our age of rapid transport, flowers can be grown far from shops, supermarkets, and roadside stands.  In my novel, THE BREAKING POINT, one of my main characters, Estelle, is the proud and successful owner of a flower shop named, “Stop and Smell the Flowers.” Flowers have existed longer than we humans. We can find them nearly everyplace on the planet from the highest of mountains to the hottest and driest of deserts. Without them, we, nor animals, could exist. Could it be that they carry a message?

Well, consider the One who created them. Once-wise King Solomon declared, “He (God) hath made every thing beautiful in His time.” Since flowers, in all their variety, beauty, and splendor, invoke within us an awesome feeling of joy, do they not give us more reason to believe that God really cares for us? Now, think about a time or times when someone (whether expectantly or unexpectedly) gave you flowers.

What was the message of the flowers? In other words, how did they make you feel?  Perhaps you were ill or in the hospital.  Maybe it was your birthday or some other special occasion.  Even if it was simply just because, did the flowers tell you that someone cares for you?  That you are important!  That you matter!  What a wonderful message!  And all because someone gave you flowers.

From my heart to yours,Image







  1. so good a post, I will reblog it please 🙂
    peace, love and blessings to you

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  2. Oh, thank you so much! Yes, definitely, I would love for you to reblog it. Thank you very much! Peace, love, and blessings to you, also. 🙂


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