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I watched part of a very interesting program yesterday on the PBA television channel featuring Dr. Ben Carson where he spoke on the subject of brain health. One of the things he mentioned that caught my attention was that our willpower is stronger when we understand the consequences and effects of our bad actions or conduct.

It’s been said by some that our willpower is very much like a muscle. The more we use or exercise it, the stronger it becomes. On the other hand, if we rarely use it, it will grow weak.

MUSCLES (Exercise)

In my book IN SICKNESS AND IN HEALTH, Darryl loses his willpower to go on after he becomes physically disabled. He has to make some very important decisions in his life–ones that not only affect him but also his wife and child. Everyday we are faced with decisions–some big, some small–but no matter what the scope, at some point in time, we must make them. What, though, determines how we make our decisions?


It’s not always easy to make wise decisions and carry them out. However, it is a process that can be learned which brings us back to exercising or training our senses or perceptive powers to not only discern both right and wrong but also to actually carry out what we should. (Hebrews 5:13 & 14) In doing so, we continually exercise our muscle of willpower, thereby making it stronger and firmer yet flexible to the proper degree when circumstances allow.


HAPPY READING! And as always, this is from my heart to yours,



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