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POLICEAs I write this post, I’m without electricity, thankful that I charged my laptop last night before going to bed. And since I also have no Internet connection due to the power outage, I’m just writing this in my Microsoft Office Word to be copied and pasted later into my blog.

My day started off pretty typical. I woke up about 8:25 and laid in bed a few minutes, praying and meditating. Then I got up, turned on the television to listen to a bit of news as I made up the bed. The next thing I knew, our lights started flickering off and on (the television as well) while our cordless phone kept ringing short bursts of rings on and off. It was continuous—every second. It was nothing unusual though because it’s happened many times before whenever the power company was experiencing some sort of problem.

My daughter and I were the only ones at home. Of course, it was frustrating for both of us. Besides having no power, the constant flickering of lights and the telephone ringing was a nuisance. Also, she had been in the middle of something on her iPad. And as soon as I finished making the bed, I was going to bathe and get my grocery shopping done early.

So she and I were enduring—that is, until we started hearing an on again, off again noise outside the front of the house. I opened the storm door a few times in an effort to see what it was but could never see anything. But the noise continued, on and off—like someone or something brushing up against something either outside or underneath the house.

My in-laws live next door, and before I started hearing the noise outside, I was about to call them to see if they were having similar problems at their house (which has been the case several times in the past when our power company was experiencing electrical problems.) Well, I (being who I am), immediately panicked and called 911.

Several minutes later just before the police officer arrived, the power completely shut down. He checked out everything outside and told me that things appeared fine. He advised that the problem was more than likely power related. I agreed to a certain extent but asked him what would the noise outside have to do with the power. Then he began to ask me a series of questions, like: What rooms are on that end of the house? Where is the furnace?

When I told him that our furnace is also near that part of the house, he said that the noise could have been the furnace’s ductwork underneath the house—every time the power went off and on, it caused the ductwork to make a rustling noise. That’s when I realized that’s exactly what the noise I heard had sounded like! I apologized but could not help but to laugh at myself. He told me it was okay and was just glad nothing was seriously wrong. After he left, I called the power company and reported the outage (even though they were already aware of it.)

So that’s how my day began today. As I’m finishing up this post, we still have no power, but at least it gave me another opportunity to share with you another one of my many crazy, comical moments. I simply love writing, and even though I try to touch on real-life issues in my stories, I also enjoy adding touches of humor. Life is extremely difficult at times (2 Timothy 3:1-5); therefore, I need all the help I can get to assist me in keeping what little bit of sanity I still have left.

Hope you all have a great Saturday and an awesome weekend, and HAPPY READING!

As always, this is from my heart to yours,


P.S. Just took a quick second to check a text message I received. Had left my cell phone charging and was trying to figure out why it had stopped in the middle of charging—then remembered, WE HAVE NO POWER! Also, every time I go into a room, I’ve been turning on the light switch (that’s a whole other blog!) Have you ever done that when you know you have no power—but force of habit has you going for that switch anyway? Be honest—I know you have.  🙂  Okay, that’s really it for now. Bye.

P.S. I know—I’ve said good-bye twice already. But I just thought of one more thing I just have to share with you. Have you ever noticed how when your house is quiet, you hear all kinds of spooky noises? As I’m proofing this post, every few seconds, I keep hearing these sounds throughout the house—you know, creaking, rustling, etc. (that’s a whole other blog, too!) Okay, this time, I really mean it. Bye—unless something else comes to mind as I’m finishing up proofing this post. Just kidding. Or am I?

P.S. I know what you’re saying—you again! Just wanted to let you know that this will definitely be my last one. POWER’S BACK ON!!!!! YIPPEE!!!!! HOORAY!!!!!




  1. Henry remembers a time when everything was gas lamps and candle light.

    The good old days. Thank you for taking me back there Maxine!


  2. I too love writing, I was writing in a journal for a couple of years. I always seem to have a story about something, usually humorous, that I’ve done. You mentioned hearing strange noises. When first moving into a house in a close to rural setting, after living in an apartment in a city, I had to get use to the noise that comes with living in a house. The strangest of the noises was the wood freezing on the deck & porch which made a popping type noise as if someone was stepping on it. I would think someone was coming up the stairs to the back deck, since my window was to the back of the house and would never see anyone outside. We often had to ask neighbors about things we had no idea about. I would tell my family “I know they are laughing at us city slickers trying to live in the country”.

    Our first power outage in the middle of a snow storm found us with nothing we needed in a power outage. It was in the evening and we sat up for a while talking and after an hour or so finally called it a night and went to bed. We had no water or anything. My father had to drive to the nearest fast food restaurant to get us some hot food & drink for breakfast. Fortunately the power came back on not too long after eating and none of the pipes froze. The next power outage we were well prepared. 🙂

    Where I live now is a newer house so it is very quiet and dark. But the funny thing is I pray before I go to sleep and after praying I will reach to turn the light off. Sometimes I turn the light off before saying my prayer and still reach to turn the light out after saying my prayer in a pitch black room and end up turning the light on. I laugh at myself turn it off again and go to sleep. I have no idea why I do that when it’s already dark in the room. I think it’s just a routine move.

    I truly do enjoy reading your post and now knowing I’m not the only one trying to hold on to their sanity.


    • Oh, I really enjoy your posts as well, and I especially enjoyed this one because it read just like a story. It’s so obvious that you love writing as your comments brought out. You had me laughing at some of the things you said, especially the part about your neighbors possibly laughing at you and your family and calling you city slickers trying to live in the country. 🙂 Thanks for sharing your stories, and I hope you’ll stick with your writing because it’s good. It’s nice for me, too, knowing I have some company in the Insane Club. 🙂


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