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OWL“Give me now wisdom and knowledge to lead this people, for who can possibly judge this great people of yours?”  (2 Chronicles 1:10)

When God invited His servant Solomon to ask what he would like Him to give him, the above words were Solomon’s humble request.  Yes, of all the things Solomon could have asked for, his one and only heartfelt desire was to have the wisdom and knowledge to lead God’s people in a way that was pleasing to Him.  Therefore, God not only granted his request but also blessed him with the things he had not asked for–wealth, riches, and honor such as no kings before him had had and none after him would have.  (2 Chronicles 1:11 & 12)

Who of us would, if given the opportunity, make such an unselfish and humble request?  Many of our elderly ones did not have the chance (for various reasons) to be educated secularly as many of us younger ones have.  Yet, whatever they may lack in the way of worldly education, they more than make up for in the wisdom and knowledge they have acquired throughout their lifetime.  So we should never feel that just because we may possess more book sense than them that they can’t teach us anything.  And especially when what they share is from God, it will always be beneficial for us because He is the source of true wisdom and knowledge.  (2 Timothy 3:16 & 17)

In my book ONE OF A KIND, I introduced my readers to Paula’s Aunt Eevie.  She’s a hoot in the sense that she is an extremely funny person, as most of ourOOAK elderly people are.  Most of us probably have an Aunt Eevie in our family–the elderly, female relative who always gives us her extremely candid advice or opinion (whether we ask for it or not.)  Sometimes, in an effort to pick us up, they beat us down, but we know they mean well.  As a matter of fact, they’re the ones who are always there for us–to pick us up when we fall, to cry with us when we hurt, to laugh with us when things are good, and to tell us what life is all about (they know because their own experiences have made them all the more wiser.)  And that’s why we love ’em!

You’ll also get to hear more from Aunt Eevie in my soon-to-be-released sequel to ONE OF A KIND which is titled DHDESPERATE HEARTS.  In fact, I like Aunt Eevie so much that I’ve decided to give her  a site of her own on the Internet, an advice column called ASK EEVIE.  I am now in the process of working with an extremely talented illustrator, Ms. Cait Maloney, on Eevie’s portrait.  I am so excited to be partnering with Ms. Maloney on this project and can hardly wait to reveal Eevie to you–and of course, Eevie is on pins and needles to meet you, too!  So in the meantime, please feel free to share your thoughts with me of how you imagine she will look.  I may even have a special prize for the person who comes closest!

To all of you who have been and still  are loyal supporters of me and my stories and to those of you who have recently given me your support and encouragement, I thank you from the very depths of my heart!

Happy reading!  And as always, this is from my heart to yours!


(Owl Photo Courtesy of Clip Art)





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