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WOMAN THINKINGWell, now that I’ve finished DESPERATE HEARTS and will be releasing it soon, I’ve been trying to decide which book to publish next.  Some of you probably know that I currently have two in progress, FOR RICHER OR FOR POORER and CHANGES.

FOR RICHER OR FOR POORER  is my second sequel in THE BREAKING POINT series.  It will be Justin and Shayna’s story.  Justin is Estelle and Roger’s son, and Shayna is his wife.  For a brief overview of what this story will be about, please visit the BOOKS page of my website. 











CHANGES is my first sequel in the MEASURE OF FAITH series.  Yes, you guessed it.  I love sequels 🙂 !  Anyway, in it, Lynn and Robert are now empty-nesters.  But instead of living and enjoying the life they dreamed they would during this time, they are both experiencing a whole lot of unexpected changes.  In this story, I will be taking the reader to a part of Tennessee that my husband and I have come to love–Wears Valley–in the beautiful Great Smoky Mountains!  We visited this area for the first time several years ago when one of my then co-workers told me about it.  Ever since, we have been visiting the area (which includes Pigeon Forge, Gatlinburg, Townsend, and Cades Cove) at least two or three times a year.  Our son loves it, too, and we have even made it our family vacation getaway spot.

C     AMOF









Here are a few pictures I took last weekend when my husband and I visited.  My idea of paradise is to live on top of the mountains in Wears Valley in a modern-day styled tent–with plumbing and electricity, of course :).   I’m sure that compared to a lot of places in the world, there are many that some would consider more beautiful than this area, but to me, the scenery and landscape here are simply breathtaking.  They remind me of some of the pictures I used to see on calendars as a child.  The town is so picturesque, and even though it is small and quaint, I love it because I am a simple girl.  But I also like it because I am extremely fascinated with and intrigued by the wonder, beauty, and awesomeness of God’s creation!  (Psalm 104)






























Below are a few photos of some tents or yurts that I can just picture myself and my family living in if we had our own little piece of paradise in the mountains of Wears Valley.































Pigeon Forge is also known for its classic car shows.  And since my husband, son, and I love classic cars, I just could not resist snapping some pictures.  Check out some of the ones I took last weekend up and down U. S. Highway 441.  These are only a few drops in the bucket of the numerous ones lined up and down the highway.






























So have you figured out which book I’m planning to publish next?  If you guessed CHANGES, you’re right!  In addition, my mama and I are also working on a book together.  As a child, I loved hearing Mama tell stories about how life was when she was coming up and when she got older.  I still enjoy listening to them.  At the moment, I have not a clue what the title of our book will be, but it will be fictional based on real-life issues.  So stay tuned for updates!

Well, that’s all for now.  I hope you’ve had an awesome day, and remember–HAPPY READING!  And as always, this is from my heart to yours.


6 thoughts on “SO WHAT’S NEXT?

  1. Love the Yurts! What an inspiring idea on where to live. I can only imagine how much artistic inspiration would exist in a place like that. Connecting with nature is my #1 way to be spurred on to create something new. God’s creation is something to aspire to emulate – impossible to do that of course but worth effort because of the way it encourages me to grow.

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  2. It would be nice to write novel on domestic abuse. (I would be happy to discuss it with you).

    Liked by 1 person

    • Charlotte, thank you so much for your suggestion. Yes, I have been considering doing that. My short story A HEALING OF THE HEARTS (of the THICKER THAN WATER anthology) actually touches briefly on the subject. And since October is also National Domestic Violence Awareness Month, I also plan to feature some blogs about it. I look forward to discussing it further with you. Please feel free to write or call me at your convenience. I’ll send you an e-mail with more of my contact information. Take care. 🙂


  3. A very interesting post, Maxine. Congrats on your novels.
    And those yurts look great.

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