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LITTLE HELPERAs some of you probably know, this is my 20-month-old niece Avery, and she is my little helper.  Today, we worked in the yard.  Well, I did all the work while she mostly watched me and played with rocks–the girl loves rocks–so does her seven-year-old brother Christian–must be genetic :).LITTLE HELPER 2Anyway, here she is trying to step on a microscopic spider (or make it go away.)LITTLE HELPER 3LITTLE HELPER 4LITTLE HELPER 5Here she is sporting her “mean” look.  Are you scared?LITTLE HELPER 6Since my husband and I don’t have any grandchildren, I figure the next best thing to having them is to have nieces and nephews, and we do have plenty of those.  Most of them are grown though, so we dote a lot on Avery.  I have a lot of nicknames for her.  My favorite is Mamacita.  I also call her Miss Lucy, Miss Daisy, and most recently, Boss Lady (I’m sure you can guess how she got this one :).)

Well, this is part of how I spent my day with My Little Helper.  I hope you had an awesome day.

From my heart to yours!

Maxine 🙂


4 thoughts on “MY LITTLE HELPER (PART 2)

  1. She is so sweet, your little helper/Boss Lady.

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  2. Miss Maxine, I can’t wait when all of you come up to visit. I can show you my grandparents’ farm. We’ll have lots of fun. Have a nice day, and please don’t stir up any more ant nests, okay? LOL

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  3. LOL!!! I can’t wait to visit either, Joseph. I am a country girl and know that I will love your grandparents’ farm. Oh, yes, I’ll try my best to keep Mama away from the ant hills. She’s a mess! 🙂 ❤

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