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AVERY54I believe our sweet, little Avery will soon be undergoing the period that all parents face or have faced–the dreaded terrible twos!  She’ll be two in January.  I’ve noticed that she is becoming very moody and whiny.  I have two grown children of my own, my oldest, daughter Natasha, and my youngest, son Stefan.

I had heard of the terrible twos when they were younger but did not experience it until Stefan reached that precious age.  And it was a living nightmare!  Naturally, he recalls none of it, and being the very sweet, lovable, and compassionate young man that he is today, has apologized profusely to me over and over.

But anyway, back to our little Avery.  I’ll keep you posted on how things progress with her.  In the meantime, please continue to enjoy her sweetness with me (while it lasts) in the photos that follow.

From my heart ❤ to yours <3!

Maxine 🙂


































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