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Diane Hoversen-Smith is the founder of The Write To Feel, a journal business. She designs journals for various journeys in life. She recently released her newest journal, “Thank You Wasn’t Enough–Loss Of A Parent.” My mother passed almost seven months ago, and I am still trying to heal from the pain of losing her. Last week, I received from one of my dearest friends this journal along with a beautiful, reversible, silver and gold, heart bracelet that is also available on Mrs. Smith’s site.

As a fiction inspirational author, I can say from personal experience that writing is extremely therapeutic. But oh, how much more so is it when one is writing down one’s own personal thoughts and feelings in their own private journal.

Please visit Mrs. Smith’s inspiring site to read about her own personal journey to healing and to see the lovely products she has to help you through your journey.

As always, this is from my heart ❤ to yours <3!

Maxine 🙂


3 thoughts on “THE WRITE TO FEEL

  1. Maxine, my dear: the loss of a parent is one of life’s great sorrows. My condolences and best wishes for the year ahead.

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  2. That is so true, Cynthia. Thank you very much! ❤


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