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BIRD (MALE CARDINAL) WIKIPEDIA.jpgEveryday, Mr. Cardinal stops by several times throughout the day to feed at my feeder. He is so handsome in his red coat of feathers! I usually catch him at the feeder, on the shepherd’s hook, or on the porch railing. I keep a chair in front of the glass storm door and my camera on an end table in the living room. Whenever I spot him, I grab my camera. As soon as I start to tiptoe toward the door, he immediately takes off. He does it every time I try to sneak his picture. As I mentioned in an earlier post, he’s quicker than a speeding bullet and a streak of lightning!

Yesterday, he brought Mrs. Cardinal with him.BIRD (FEMALE CARDINAL) WIKIPEDIA.jpgShe is very beautiful in her brown and red coat of feathers! I can see why he married her. 🙂 The two of them were side by side on the porch railing right by the door, so I could see them very clearly.  As usual, I grabbed my camera and started to quietly tiptoe toward the door. But I don’t have to tell you what happened, do I? Yep, you got it! Both of them hastily took off together.

No, these aren’t pictures of them. 😦 I wish they were. These photos are courtesy of Wikipedia. However, I am still determined to get their pictures with my camera. If anyone can help me to succeed in doing so, please feel free to share your ideas with me because I am a desperate photographer trying to get at least one really nice closeup of this beautiful couple together (and at the rate I’m going, I’ll even settle for one of them.) 🙂

As always, this is from my heart to yours !

Maxine 🙂

(Photos Courtesy of Wikipedia)

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VIDA AZALEA PARADE TEEPlease shop my VIDA Signature collection of men’s and women’s scarves and women’s tops to help me become a Slate artist by selling 10 pieces.

This is what you’ll get:

15% towards your purchase using code welcome15-0602


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Discount offers expire 6/9/2016, Midnight PST

Also, customers who buy my 1st 10 pieces will each receive a $25.00 USD VIDA gift card.


  • Customers who buy my next 15 pieces will each receive a $20.00 USD VIDA gift card
  • Customers who buy my next 25 pieces will each receive a $15.00 USD VIDA gift card

As always, thank you so much for your support!

From my heart ❤ to yours <3!

Maxine 🙂

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wall_clock_magnolia-r87ff12b83ec84f379152afc9b839ab2a_fup1y_8byvr_325Hello again! This time, I’d like to introduce you to some of my wall decor on Zazzle. The photos are also from my Nature’s Finest art gallery. I have created these designs on Zazzle so that you can order them as is. However, if there is a print you would like but don’t see, please feel free to let me know so that I can add it to my Zazzle collection. Also, please keep in mind that you still have the option of customizing your own designs from my Nature’s Finest website. Just contact me and let me know what you want.



flowers (multi) canvas print


From my heart ❤ to yours <3!

Maxine 🙂

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congratulations cardHello, everyone! For those of you who haven’t seen them, I’d like to introduce you to my new Zazzle Greeting Cards Collection. So far, I have a total of ten cards, but I’ll be adding more. All of the photos are from my Nature’s Finest art gallery. Please take a few minutes to visit my Zazzle store where you’ll find a selection of various items I’ve created just for you.

thank u card

get well card


best wishes card

As always, this is from my heart ❤ to yours <3!

Maxine 🙂



TFH Hello, everyone!  I’ve added another book contest to the other three that I’m currently hosting.  This one is called “Guess Who.”  The first person to correctly answer the following question will win this beautiful, framed, 8×10, matte-finish print (a value of approximately $15.00) from my Nature’s Finest “Magnolia” collection.

QUESTION:  One of my characters from my book “TIME FOR HOPE” makes a recurring role in my book “IN SICKNESS AND IN HEALTH.”  What is this character’s first and last name?


Well, there you have it.  I’ll also post a link for this contest on the BOOKS page of my main website along with the other three contests.

Now, go READ, PLAY, and WIN!

From my heart ❤ to yours <3!

Maxine 🙂


” A Year In Review”

A TRUE SURVIVOR, my dear friend, Kim Goodloe!!! 🙂 ❤

Heart Of Gold

January : Dr. Martin Luther King. Jr. Celebration


February: American Heart Month


Dekalb County Board of Commissioners Meeting: Decatur, Ga


Go Red Lobby Day at the Georgia State Capital


Sharing  my story of survival at the Georgia State Capital;


March:  Georgia State Capital


Celebrating Children’s Day



April: National Walking Day; Stone Mountain Park



May: Promoting Awareness at Kiss 104,1 Radio Station



Celebrating  National Stroke Month at Gwinnett Medical Center




Make a Heart For Health Art Project;




Twenty-Second Wedding Anniversary Celebration: true blessing


Victor & Kimberly Goodloe


Sharing Pictures  from Chick-fil-a  Home Office Tour

Atlanta, Ga.


July: Heart Valve Ambassador Training; American Heart Association’s National Center: Dallas Texas: AMAZING, AMAZING experience



Heart  Ambassador Team

khvpicI count it an honor and privileged……selected

National  Volunteer Ambassador: newly established 

American Heart Association’s

Heart Valve Ambassador Team; representing the State of Georgia


August: Painting For a Purpose: Heart Walk Fundraiser.



Congressman David Scott’s  Annual Health…

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My daughter loves to cook, and she makes up a lot of her own recipes. Everything she cooks tastes incredibly delicious. Here are just a few of the savory dishes she’s prepared.

Now don’t they just make your mouth water?

From my heart ❤ to yours <3!

Maxine 🙂

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TONY & MAXINE 2 (34TH WEDD ANNIV)My husband Tony never ceases to amaze me! Monday, December 21, 2015, we celebrated our 34th wedding anniversary! This year, due to some unexpected family emergencies that set us back financially, we were not able to have our usual celebratory dinner at our favorite restaurant, Red Lobster in Douglasville, GA, nor initially did we make a big deal of getting one another gifts.

A couple of nights ago, I was at my laptop playing around with some pictures on my online photo editor, Pixlr. Tony was asleep resting for an early morning shift at work, so I decided to add a loving, thoughtful caption on one of our old photos, print it out for him, and put it in a frame. Before going to bed, I placed it on his chest of drawers for him to find when he got up for work. Even though it wasn’t much compared to what I usually get for him, he really liked it!

Tonight, he handed me a beautiful, plastic, pink bag and said, “It’s not much, but I hope you like it. Happy Anniversary.” Surprised, I looked inside the bag and pulled out a gorgeous necklace and earrings set. Then I gave him a hug and a kiss, thanked him, and reminded him that I love him.

As you can probably imagine, after being married for 34 years, we have had our share of ups and downs. But one of the things that has helped our marriage to be a happy one despite problems is striving to treat everyday like it’s our anniversary. While we give each other our needed space, we also value and cherish the time we are able to spend together, especially now that our two children are grown. So this is why we spend time together whenever we can, going to the mountains or just for a short ride together. In doing so, when unexpected events (Eccleiastes 9:11) do come up, we don’t stress so much over them because we took good advantage of the times that were in our favor.

As always, this is from my heart ❤ to yours <3!

Maxine 🙂

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