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BIRD (CARDINAL) NF.jpgI did it!!! I finally captured a picture of Mr. Cardinal!!! Yesterday, I moved the feeder to a spot on the porch rail where I can get clear shots from inside the house. Throughout the day today, he kept landing on the opposite rail but never came close to the seed while I was nearby.

Finally, he somehow got past me and got to the seed. I went for my camera, and he took off! Then later on, I could not believe he landed on the rail beside the seed and stayed long enough for me to get his picture!!!

Here he is, and he’s available on products in both my Fine Art America and Pixels online stores.

Next: Mrs. Cardinal!!! 🙂

From my heart to yours !

Maxine 🙂



BIRD (MALE CARDINAL) WIKIPEDIA.jpgEveryday, Mr. Cardinal stops by several times throughout the day to feed at my feeder. He is so handsome in his red coat of feathers! I usually catch him at the feeder, on the shepherd’s hook, or on the porch railing. I keep a chair in front of the glass storm door and my camera on an end table in the living room. Whenever I spot him, I grab my camera. As soon as I start to tiptoe toward the door, he immediately takes off. He does it every time I try to sneak his picture. As I mentioned in an earlier post, he’s quicker than a speeding bullet and a streak of lightning!

Yesterday, he brought Mrs. Cardinal with him.BIRD (FEMALE CARDINAL) WIKIPEDIA.jpgShe is very beautiful in her brown and red coat of feathers! I can see why he married her. 🙂 The two of them were side by side on the porch railing right by the door, so I could see them very clearly.  As usual, I grabbed my camera and started to quietly tiptoe toward the door. But I don’t have to tell you what happened, do I? Yep, you got it! Both of them hastily took off together.

No, these aren’t pictures of them. 😦 I wish they were. These photos are courtesy of Wikipedia. However, I am still determined to get their pictures with my camera. If anyone can help me to succeed in doing so, please feel free to share your ideas with me because I am a desperate photographer trying to get at least one really nice closeup of this beautiful couple together (and at the rate I’m going, I’ll even settle for one of them.) 🙂

As always, this is from my heart to yours !

Maxine 🙂

(Photos Courtesy of Wikipedia)



DOGHow do you feel about animals?  Do you own a pet or pets?  While I am not currently a pet owner, I find animals extremely fascinating.  I love to watch them as they play and interact with one another and with humans.  After creating them, God brought them to Adam to give them names.  (Genesis 2:19)  Imagine the pleasure he must have gained from observing each one intently before deciding what to call it!

In my newly released book DESPERATE HEARTS, I decided to give one of my main characters a pet, a dog named Ginger, nicknamed “Gee-Gee.”

In TIME FOR HOPE, my 2007 release, the Jefferson family are horse lovers.  Although I’ve never ridden one, I think horses are some of the most beautiful of God’s animal creation.  They possess such awesome beauty and grace as they gallop with unbridled energy, rear up on their sturdy hind legs, and pound the ground with their hooves.  You can expect to see more of these incredible creatures in some of my upcoming sequels in my HOPE series.HORSE

Like us, animals are part of God’s grand and impressive creation–and whether or not you’re an animal lover, you have to admit that they are amazing!

HAPPY READING!  From my heart to yours!


(Photos of Dog and Horse–Courtesy of Clip Art)