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Ahhhh, babies!¬† Who doesn’t love them?¬† Have you ever noticed how whenever¬†we see¬†one,¬†we¬†nearly¬†hurt ourselves¬†trying¬†to get to itBABY SLEEPING?¬† It’s understandable though–they’re so sweet, cuddly, lovable, and adorable.¬† Oh, and they also smell soooo good.¬† The ability to give life to another living, breathing human being is truly a miraculous gift from God as¬†the Scriptures point out.¬† (Genesis 1:27 & 28; Psalm 127:3)

Consider what an amazingly marvelous¬†process human reproduction is–the remarkable way that God made us!¬† The woman’s egg cell, no¬†bigger than a pinpoint, is fertilized by the man’s sperm cell which is 1/85,000 the size of the egg cell.¬† In time, another complete human matures from the union of those two tiny particles, inheriting qualities from both parents according to the composite “blueprint” (DNA) that formed when the cells were united.¬† WOW!¬† Isn’t it fascinating!

My baby sister had her second child almost seven months ago–a precious, little girl!¬† Whenever I’m with her, I can’t help but watch how she is constantly taking in her new surroundings.¬† As she does so, I wish I could just reach inside her tiny head and grab all of her thoughts so I’d know exactly what is going on in that magnificent brain of hers.¬† I think back to the time when my own children were babies and how blessed I am to have brought two more human beings into this world!¬† Think about it–all of us started out as infants, but look at us now!¬† Because of our wonderful, magnificent Creator, we are all a part of the cycle of human reproduction that is called life.

ATOFI oftentimes include children in my stories because they can be so funny (most of the time, without even trying.)¬† As I’ve mentioned before in a previous blog, they add so much spice to our lives.¬† They start out as these little, tiny¬†people (some of which you can hold in the palm of your hand) but can grow up to be incredible human beings (not just in our eyes), but more importantly, in the eyes of the One who is the source of all life, our Heavenly Father and Creator!¬† (Psalm 36:9)ISAIH


Well, that’s all for now.¬† HAPPY READING!¬†¬†And as always, this is from my heart to yours,


(Sleeping Baby Courtesy Of Clip Art)