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VIDA specializes in custom-made pieces designed from original art. One of our goals is to help conserve the world’s textile industry. This means that each item is printed on demand. Orders are printed, stitched, hand-finished, flown across the globe, and packaged with care to reach your doorstep within six to eight weeks.

The vast majority of our orders (over 80%) in this product category are shipped within six weeks, and close to 95% are shipped within eight weeks. Less than five percent of our orders take over 8 weeks due to exceptional circumstances.

The piece at the top of this post is my “Fall Crepe Myrtle” Modal Scarf. Below, my dear friend Ms. Turner, a former model, is wearing it three different ways. Doesn’t she look fabulous!!! Now, don’t think that you must be a model or have a background in modeling to wear my designs and look just as beautiful in them as Ms. Turner does because that is simply NOT the case.

With each of my designs, YOU are in charge of how you wear them. And remember, this is wearable art, so YOU are also the canvas and the billboard!!! So go on and treat yourself or someone else to something beautiful from my Collection!

Thank you so much for helping VIDA and me to build a responsible, global supply chain (with zero waste) and for being a part of our mission to create beautiful products that create beauty every step of the way!

And as always, this is from my heart ❤ to yours ❤ !

Maxine 🙂