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ELDERLY A-A WOMANHey, y’all!  How y’all doing?  My name’s Eevie.  Well, actu’lly, it’s Evelyn–Evelyn Faye Randall–but folks call me Eevie.  Now, this picture you see here ain’t me.  I just wonted to give y’all a idea of what I might look like when my creator Maxine Billings introduces me to y’all soon.

Most of y’all prob’bly remember me from Maxine’s short story, ONE OF AOOAK KIND.  I’m Paula’s ain’t.  We lives in Charlotte–Charlotte, North Carolina.  Have any of y’all ever been to Charlotte?  If’n you had’n, you needs to come.  Ooh, it’s beautiful here.  It’s the perfect place fer yer fam’ly to visit.  We got all kinds of parks, museums, and other fun places.  But enough of dat–y’all be thankin’ I works fer the Board of Tourism.  I best be gettin’ on wit what I was sayin’.

I’ll soon be making my ‘ficial–how you say it?–day-boo–day-brew–oh, you know what I mean–on the worldwide web.  I never woulda thunk it!  Me, a seventy-sumpthin’-year-old woman wit her own advice column all over the Innernet.

Well, I gotta keep this first blog–Whoo wee!  Um talkin’ Innernet lang’age!–short and simple.  Maxine let me borrow her Word Press account to write this–but she don’t know it yet.  Shhh.  Mum’s the wordUh-oh!  Gotta go!  I think I hear her coming!  I’m busted!

Talk to y’all later.  Good night!


Photo of elderly African-American woman (Courtesy of Clip Art)



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I recently wrote a blog about Keighley’s Salon, Boutique & Day Spa which was titled FIT FOR A QUEEN.  This coming Saturday, June 28th, I will have the pleasure of working with the owner Sonia Moore in her first annual breast cancer awareness day.  The name that Ms. Moore has chosen for this event is the Business Women’s Workout To Knockout Breast Cancer.

If you know someone who is going through treatment now or is a survivor of breast cancer, this will be a wonderful opportunity for you to treat them to a relaxing day of a spa environment; and/or if you prefer, why not treat yourself or someone else?  For more information, please visit Keighley’s website.  We are also seeking donations from businesses who would like to participate in this uplifting event.  A percentage of the sales will be contributed to the Breast Cancer Research Foundation of New York City.

In LIFE AFTER MOMMA, my first young adult novel in eBook format, breast cancer took the life ofLAM Kiara’s mother.  As we know, though, men can also get this type of disease.  Whatever the person’s gender, they need to have a strong support system.  More than likely, they will greatly appreciate whatever assistance we are able to give (no matter how big or small).  And not only will it bring the recipient a huge measure of joy, but the ones giving will also be happy in that they were able to show by their actions that they care.  (Acts 20:35)

I hope to see you Saturday.  HAPPY READING!

And as always, this is from my heart to yours.