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FLOWER BED (MAMA)This is an actual flower bed that I did for my mama several years ago in her front yard.  She spray painted an old, iron bed, and I added the soil and an assortment of colorful flowers.  She no longer has it, but at least, we have some lovely pictures of it.  This is one that she gave me, and I used Pixlr, a free online photo editor, to add the border and lettering.  Thanks for letting me share it with you!

From my heart to yours!

Maxine 🙂



HIBISCUS 4I love flowers, and I also love taking pictures of them wherever I go! I snapped these this morning when I was out in my community in the house-to-house ministry.  I meet so many sweet and interesting people when I’m out.  When I asked the lady I met today if I could snap some pictures of her hibiscus, she happily obliged me with a friendly wave of her hand, as she said, “You can pick it and take it with you.”

“No, ma’am,” I replied in disbelief.  “I’m not going to pick your beautiful flower.  I just want some pictures of it.”

“Go ahead and take it,” she kindly pushed.  “It’s just gone die anyway.”FLOWERS (MS NIXON 3)

Well, since I always have flowers on my mind, she did not have to tell me a third time.  Of course, I had to take some pictures of it first.  And before leaving, I also got her permission to take some shots of her lovely flower bed.

I did not know there was a huge spider among the flowers in the bed until I happily got back into the car and my sister-in-law told me.  Then I slightly freaked out.  This is the third time I have gotten myself into trouble with some sort of scary-looking insect while trying to take pictures of flowers, but so far, I haven’t let it stop me.  After I recovered from shock, I placed the hibiscus in my hair.

The sisters in my congregation have some really green thumbs, so I just had to snap some more pictures before I went home.  And although the lush, thick ground cover doesn’t have any flowers in it, I couldn’t leave it out.









I removed the hibiscus from my hair when I got home and snapped one last photo of it before it finishes wilting on the counter of my bathroom sink.HIBISCUS 2HIBISCUS 3

All in all, I had a great day and hope you did, too.  As always, this is from my heart to yours!

Maxine 🙂



FLOWER BED 4I had a great day today!  It got started early when I went out in the ministry in my community.  I regularly meet some really nice people, and I gain so much inspiration from many of them.  The picture above was the beginning of my inspiration this morning.  The homeowners were kind enough to let me snap some photos of their beautiful flower bed.









The photo below is part of the front lawn of a very sweet sister and her husband in my congregation.  I love crepe myrtles, so I simply could not resist snapping this shot.

CREPE MYRTLES (SIS HORNE)This last one, I took several months back while in another beautiful neighborhood.

FLOWERS 3I’m always just so amazed at the creativity of different people.  It just makes me appreciate all the more that as humans, we were made in the wonderful image of our great and awesome God.  (Genesis 1:27)

Have an awesome weekend!

From my heart to yours,

Maxine 🙂