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JOSEPH (166x318)Literacy.  Is it possible to take this precious gift for granted?  Well, meet Joseph.  He is author J. Hale Turner’s Spokeskid For Literacy.  Although he’s fairly young, he still wants everyone to take literacy seriously and be able to read.  In addition, his creator, Ms. Turner, is also an advocate for literacy.  Yes, Reading Is Fundamental.  While it’s true that none of us all have the same abilities, don’t you agree that if we are to improve in any area that we must start somewhere?  As an encouraging article about How Bible Education Promotes Literacy points out,  many people have learned to read and write simply by incorporating the two into their Bible education program.

Knowing how to read can open our minds to a world chock-full of wholesome discovery!  Even those who do not have their senses of vision and hearing can learn to read.  Isn’t that amazing and wonderful!  Certainly then, the ability to read is a gift from God which really does make reading fundamental.



(Photo of Joseph: Courtesy of J. Hale Turner)





ELDERLY COUPLEGetting older is no joke!  Ecclesiastes 12:1-7 describe the wintertime of life in symbolic language–the trembling of arms and hands, the bending of legs, the dimming of eyesight, and so on.  Do these things sound depressing?  Well, depending on our attitude, they can be.

I decided to write this post because everyday since I retired last November some part of my body reminds me that I am not the spring chicken I used to be :).  Today, it’s a painful, sore, and swollen right ankle.  I soak it.  I rub it.  I put a warm compress on it.  I wear compression stockings.  Sometimes, these things help, but not today.  And who knows how it will be tomorrow or what else may be bothering me?

I recall when I was younger how Mama used to tell my siblings and me that just because certain things we did then did not bother us that we thought they would not cause us pain later in life.  Now, I finally understand what she meant.  When we’re young, we think that our youthful vitality will never diminish.  But before we realize what’s happening, the wintertime of life is upon us.  Personally, it has been extremely difficult for me to acknowledge that parts of me are falling apart.  But I’m learning to accept that I now need extra help in order for my body to heal from certain illnesses and discomforts of aging.  No, I am no longer in mint condition.  I am an older model vehicle (a classic–or perhaps antique is a better term 🙂 ) who needs more than the usual routine maintenance :).

One of my favorite Internet sites to go to when I’m doing research on health topics is the Mayo Clinic because it has information that is helpful and very easy to understand.  As their site points out, the aging process affects our bodies in various ways.  I have listed some below.


Something else that the site reminds us of that I appreciate is this:  While we can’t stop the aging process, we might be able to minimize its impact by making healthy choices.  That is an excellent idea because God blessed us with our wonderfully-made bodies, and it is up to each one of us as individuals to do what we can to cherish and take care of them.

I hope you had an awesome day!  As always, this is from my heart to yours.


(Photo of Elderly Couple–Courtesy of Clip Art)