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JACKIE (PAULA'S SWANS).jpgHello, everyone! Just want to let you know I’ve created a Facebook page specifically for all of you out there (males & females) who would like to posts fabulous pictures of yourself or someone else modeling designs purchased from my VIDA Collection. I’ve named the page Modeling Maxine’s VIDA Designs. This beautiful lady here is Jackie! She was my very first model 🙂 ❤.

I’ve uploaded pictures I could recall that people have already shared with me and given me permission to post. However, if I missed anyone, please feel free to post it yourself, or send it to me, and of course, I will be happy to do it for you. If you like, please tag your post by using #ModelingMaxinesVIDADesigns.

Now, as this post states, this not just for the ladies. Gentlemen, I also want you to become involved! So come on, everybody, let’s get to posting!!!

Oh, one more thing, you can also post pictures of products from my VIDA home design line as well. So if you purchase accent pillows, please remember to share photos with us of them displayed in your home or place of business, too!

From my heart to yours !

Maxine 🙂