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JACKIE (PAULA'S SWANS).jpgHello, everyone! Just want to let you know I’ve created a Facebook page specifically for all of you out there (males & females)¬†who would like to posts fabulous pictures of yourself or someone else modeling designs purchased from my VIDA Collection. I’ve named the page Modeling Maxine’s VIDA Designs. This beautiful lady here is Jackie! She was my very first model ūüôā ‚̧.

I’ve uploaded pictures I could recall that people have already shared with me and given me permission to post. However, if I missed anyone, please feel free to post it yourself, or send it to me, and of course, I will be happy to do it for you. If you like, please tag your post by using #ModelingMaxinesVIDADesigns.

Now, as this post states, this not just for the ladies. Gentlemen, I also want you to become involved! So come on, everybody, let’s get to posting!!!

Oh, one more thing, you can also post pictures of products from my VIDA home design line as well. So if you purchase accent pillows, please remember to share photos with us of them displayed in your home or place of business, too!

From my heart ‚̧ to yours ‚̧ !


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manDo men go through menopause?¬† Unlike their female counterparts, some men are less likely to go to a doctor when they are sick or to seek preventive health care.¬†¬†But is there¬†such a¬†thing as male menopause?¬† Hormone changes are a natural part of aging regardless of the person’s gender.¬† While the changes that women experience during menopause are more dramatic and occur during a relatively short period of time, sex hormone changes in men appear more gradually over a period of many years.¬† And while there are also other terms to refer to so-called male menopause, many doctors¬†call it¬†“andropause.”¬† So, what are some of the symptoms a man going through this stage of life might experience?

  • Sexual Function Changes¬†which might include reduced sexual desire and erectile dysfunction.
  • Sleep Pattern Changes such as insomnia or increased sleepiness.
  • Various Physical Changes consisting of increased body fat, reduced muscle bulk and strength, and loss of body hair.¬†¬†Although rare,¬†might also include having less energy and experiencing hot flashes.
  • Emotional Changes like feeling sad or depressed and having trouble concentrating or remembering things.

Women are usually more apt to openly discuss with their doctors exactly what they are feeling and the changes their bodies are undergoing in any given situation.  We like to talk about what is bothering us.  Some men, on the other hand, tend to internalize their emotions and may be reluctant to seek medical help, let alone to actually be honest with their doctor (or perhaps anyone else) regarding what they are experiencing.  In THE BREAKING POINT, Roger refused to communicate with his wife Estelle about some of his deeply-rooted feelings.  Darryl, of IN SICKNESS AND IN HEALTH, did speak with his wife Catina about how he felt but in ways that were dogmatic and pessimistic .  ISAIHBoth men had to learn to overcome their own idiosyncrasies in order regain a sense of peace and normalcy in their lives.

TBPThe Scriptures say at Genesis 2:24 that when a man and a woman marry, they become one flesh.¬† Yet 1 Peter 3:7 and Ephesians 5:21-33 help us to appreciate that both are unique in their own special ways and are still considered as individuals.¬† Therefore, while they are extremely¬†different, they should also be united in their efforts to keep their marriage honorable, to be each other’s rock (even when they don’t always understand what the other is going through), and to maintain harmony to the extent possible.

So as women, may we¬†keep in mind¬†that we are not the only ones who experience changes in life–the men we love do so as well–and it is up to both genders to help pave the way so that the transition is not more turbulent than it has to be.

HAPPY READING!  And as always, this is from my heart to yours,


(Photo Of Man Courtesy Of Clip Art)