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In LIFE AFTER MOMMA, Kiara is caught in a dilemma. The cutest and most popular boy in the entire school wants her to be his girlfriend. Her dilemma? She’s 16, and her dad has forbade her to date until she’s 17. She has two options: (1) obey her father and tell the boy no or (2) date the boy behind her father’s back. Which should she choose? Which will she choose? If you were in her situation, which would you opt to do?

How is it that some young people get caught up in the lure of secret dating? As is the case with Kiara, some do it because they know their parents won’t approve, so they decide to just do it and not tell them. Perhaps others do it as an act of rebellion, especially if they feel that they’re not being treated like the young adults they think they are. Therefore, they make the decision to do what they want and not tell their parents. This also plays a part in Kiara disobeying her father.

Two important questions that should be asked of oneself are: Where will my actions lead? and How will what I’m doing affect God and my family? In creating humans, God blessed us with the wonderful capacity to love and accept love from others. The intimacy that a husband and wife share with one another is a beautiful thing—it is one of His most precious gifts to us. (Proverbs 5:18 & 19) Therefore, it is to be used according to His instructions. Too, we must always remember that the decisions we make in life not only affect us—they also affect our Creator and others who love us and care about us. Admittedly, it’s tough sometimes to accept and understand these things when you’re young, particularly when you’re young and in love, but as you continue growing to maturity, you’ll get there.

So now, back to Kiara. If you’d like to know where her decisions and actions lead her, please read her story in LIFE AFTER MOMMA.

From my heart to yours,