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DIABETESWell, October is nearly gone, and I have been researching some other causes for the month of November.  There are many, but I chose the one for diabetes because it is a medical condition that runs in my family.  I find it interesting that millions of people who have diabetes do not even know it because of symptoms that are easy to miss, giving it the name The Silent Killer.

The Web site of indicates that 79 million adults in the United States are at risk of developing type 2 diabetes.  This is the most common form where the body does not use insulin properly.

Additional link:  American Diabetes Foundation.

We live in a world where millions of people are plagued everyday of their lives with various illnesses and diseases.  I am so grateful that modern medicine has done much to alleviate some of our suffering and look forward to the time God has promised when no inhabitant will say, I am sick.  (Isaiah 33:24)

As always, this is from my heart to yours,





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PRAYERAs I’m getting ready to wind down my day, I wanted to write a brief post about counting our blessings.  My day started out on a pretty good foot.  Later as I was on my way to pick up Mama from dialysis, I was listening to the radio and heard 97.5’s Radio Host Carol Blackmon say something that I had no idea would echo in my head again before the day was over.  What she said was simple yet so profound:  “Count your blessings, not your problems.”  Being the sentimental person that I am, I was deeply touched by her words.

As the afternoon progressed, things started going downhill.  Series after series of problems started occurring, and as a result, my stress level went from 0 to 10.  Anyway, to make a long story short, when I finally got back home around nine o’clock tonight, as I uttered a blessing to thank God for the food I was about to eat, Carol’s words popped into my head.  I briefly went over with God some of the things that had gone wrong throughout the afternoon when I suddenly realized that the end result could have turned out a whole lot worse than it had.  After all, my family and I are still alive, we have everything we need to sustain us in life, and there are so many other people in the world who are suffering far worse than I.

I know now that God had me hear Carol’s words for a reason.  He knew that something was going to happen that would have me so consumed with anxiety that I would need to remember to count my blessings, not my problems.  He always gives us exactly what we need when we need it.  No, He doesn’t always act when and how we want Him to–but as my mama taught her children, “He may not come when you want Him, but He’s always right on time.

And no, I’m still not feeling on top of the world, but no longer do I feel as though I’m down under it.  Tomorrow’s another day, and hopefully, a better day.  But as I’ve learned, I’ll cross that bridge when I get to it.  I have enough to deal with already without worrying about what tomorrow and the next day(s) will bring.  So instead of worrying about all the problems that might occur, with God’s help, I’ll handle each problem as it arises.  (Matthew 6:34)

Good night, and as always, this is from my heart to yours!  🙂


(Woman Praying Courtesy Of Clip Art)


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“If thou faint in the day of adversity, thy strength is small.” (Proverbs 24:10)

We need our power, strength, and energy in order to keep going in this troubled world we live in. We all struggle with negative feelings from time to time. But prolonged negative emotions can zap us not just mentally and emotionally but physically and spiritually. They can also cause us to do and say things that we ordinarily might not. In my first published novel, A MEASURE OF FAITH, this is what happens to Lynnette. Initially, she cannot see the light at the end of the tunnel and is so wrapped up in herself and what she’s going through that she spends the majority of her time wallowing in self-pity. Have you ever had a friend who was plagued by a personal trial to the point of constantly whining and complaining so much that you just wanted to shake them–not in a bad way–but in a good way because you love them and hate to see them suffering?

As imperfect humans, all of us can become overwhelmed at times from feelings of discouragement. However, some of us are more prone to a higher level. Stress coupled with prolonged negative emotions can affect the body and contribute to a chemical imbalance in the brain of some people, thus producing depression. This is the case with Andrea in A TEST OF FAITH. Darryl of IN SICKNESS AND IN HEALTH experienced a temporary bout with depression.

Whether or not a depressed individual decides to accept medical treatment is up to them. But what are some practical things we can do to help them? The Bible encourages us to comfort them. (1 Thessalonians 5:14) They need to know that they are cared about. They also need an empathetic person in whom they can confide, someone who is a good listener and very patient. They don’t want to be lectured to or judged. And even if it is not possible to completely win the battle with depression, there is still hope–God’s promise of a time when depression and everything else that causes us pain, heartache, and suffering will be things of the past. (Revelation 21:4)

From my heart to yours,