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SUNRISE“From the land of the sunrise.”

As I was on my way to my mama’s this morning about seven o’clock, every few minutes through openings in the trees, I caught dazzling glimpses of the sun where it had stationed itself above the horizon.  I just had to pull my car over and snap a quick picture (above).

SUNSET“From the land of the setting of the sun.”

The above photo is of the sun winding down for the day in the west.

Every time I write a post, I either learn things I never knew or get a refresher course on different subjects I learned many years ago when I was still in school.  My research today reminded me that we speak of the “rising” and “setting” of the sun although, in fact, the sun only appears to move because of the earth’s rotation.  However God causes it to happen, it is clearly a true testament of his power and wisdom.  (Psalm 74:16; Genesis 1:31)

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