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WOMAN SCAREDDomestic violence and abuse can happen to anyone.  Although (as the WebCHILD SCARED site of points out) women are more commonly victimized, men are also abused–especially verbally and emotionally, although sometimes even physically.  And as we all know, even little, innocent children are abused as well.  Regardless of the target or the source, abusive behavior in any shape, form, or fashion is never acceptable because every human is a product of God, and therefore, should be viewed as precious just as each is precious to Him.  (Psalm 72:12-14)

MAN DEPRESSEDWe live in a world that is filled with outright hatred, anger, and violence.  However, violence and abuse, when it is coming from someone you love, is particularly painful and discouraging–because at the end of what may already be an excruciatingly difficult day, when we come home to our loved ones, we expect and crave to enter into our safe haven.  But if the very ones who are supposed to protect us from harm are the ones causing if, where can we turn?

As with any traumatic situation, a strong support system is vital.  In addition to, below are links to some other helpful online resources.




Until the time comes when violence is forever eradicated, may we all do our part to help contribute toward peace and harmony to the lives of all but especially toward those to whom it should be our greatest honor and privilege to love and nurture.FAMILY 2

Take care, and have an awesome weekend!  🙂

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