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VIDA is proud to announce our newest product category:


Featuring brilliant colors and crisp prints, VIDA’s custom-made tapestries infuse any room with effortless originality. Available in three sizes, our tapestries make sophisticated accents or bold conversation pieces.

In celebration of the launch, we are offering limited-time introductory pricing. 

VIDA tapestries come in three different sizes and range in price from $35 for a small size, $55 for a medium size, or $75 for a large size. With our exclusive access offer, get 10% off an order of $90+ or 20% off an order of $150+ from now until 5/16/17 – 2 days only.

Enjoy an Introductory Offer of:

10% off $90+ (with code Tapestries10)


20% off $15+ (with code Tapestries20)


S H O P   M Y   C O L L E C T I O N

From my heart ❤ to yours ❤ !

Maxine 🙂



BIRD (CHICKADEE) NF.jpgMeet my cute, little chickadee that feeds at my feeder daily! It is now available on several awesome products in both my Fine Art America and Pixels online stores.

This morning when I opened the living room blinds, I caught sight of it at the feeder eating breakfast. As quietly and carefully as I attempted to unlock and open the front door to steal a picture, by the time I got it open, the little cutie had flown away. But it’ll be back! This is one of several pictures it let me snap yesterday. 🙂

And below are just a couple of the beautiful products available in my stores, a duvet cover and a weekender tote bag.

The watermarks “Nature’s Finest by Maxine Billings” and “Fine Art America” will not appear on products ordered.

As always, this is from my heart to yours !

Maxine 🙂

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wall_clock_magnolia-r87ff12b83ec84f379152afc9b839ab2a_fup1y_8byvr_325Hello again! This time, I’d like to introduce you to some of my wall decor on Zazzle. The photos are also from my Nature’s Finest art gallery. I have created these designs on Zazzle so that you can order them as is. However, if there is a print you would like but don’t see, please feel free to let me know so that I can add it to my Zazzle collection. Also, please keep in mind that you still have the option of customizing your own designs from my Nature’s Finest website. Just contact me and let me know what you want.



flowers (multi) canvas print


From my heart ❤ to yours <3!

Maxine 🙂

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CALENDAR (C-UPS) FRONTHere are two more calendars that I’m giving away to the first two buyersCALENDAR (C-UPS) JAN to purchase at least $50 each in Nature’s Finest photo prints (not including shipping). The first buyer gets the one of his/her choice.

CALENDAR (GSM) FRONTCALENDAR (GSM) JANThis is a great time to choose beautiful nature art wall decor for yourself, your business, office or home, or for someone else.  Click here to pick out your print selections.


From my heart ❤ to yours <3!

Maxine 🙂

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“What are little girls made of, made of?  What are little girls made of? Sugar and spice and everything nice.  And that’s what little girls are made of, made of.  That’s what little girls are made of.”

Do you recall this nursery rhyme or something similar from your childhood?  Without a doubt, male or female, children greatly enrich our lives.  But for some reason, little girls hold a special place in our hearts.

Although the Bible, at 1 Peter 3:7, says to assign females honor as to the “weaker vessels,” this is not meant to belittle them in any way–but rather, it indicates that we are to hold them in high respect and esteem–to treat them with tenderness as a delicate, precious vessel.

This little lady is my almost 20-month-old niece Avery, and she is the youngest of many precious gems in our family.  When her seven-year-old brother Christian heard me tell their mother (my youngest sister Lisa) that I was going to write a post about little girls, he unhesitatingly queried, “But what about little boys?”  I honestly assured him that I will do one at a later time about little boys, and I have every intention of keeping my word.

Since my husband and I don’t have any grandchildren, Christian and Avery seem more like our grandchildren instead of our nephew and niece.  So we’re always buying things for them.AVERY'S OUTFIT  The picture here is what we got for Avery last month when we went on our usual venture to the Great Smokies Flea Market.  And can you believe the perfectly matching pocketbook was purchased from a different vendor at the same market!  We also got the dress she’s wearing in the above photo from there on a previous trip.

My sister and her husband Eric recently redecorated Avery’s room, and I took a few 🙂 pictures today that I would like to share.  You’ll find them at the end of this post.  My husband and I also got the name wall ornaments and the Hello Kitty backpack in her closet from the Great Smokies Flea Market.  The stardust wall plaque may have come from there as well (I can’t recall.)  The doll (named Maya), on the changing table, I got from Cracker Barrel Restaurant.

Have an awesome evening, and as always, this is from my heart to yours!

Maxine 🙂