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I recently announced that I would be having a drawing to give away one of my VIDA “Peppermint Rose” Statement Clutches. Well, that time has come!!!

This hand and wristlet clutch is the chic, new way to carry a clutch. It’s the clutch that literally has staying power, and it’s one of spring’s most must-have handbags with an innovative strap and handle! A new way to work a clutch, you no longer have to carry it, but you can wear it, too!!!

I am now only three products away from escalating to VIDA Gold Status!!! Therefore, the names of everyone who orders from my Collection from today until Sunday, May 28, 2017 at 7:00 p.m. EST will go into this drawing according to the number of items purchased. So, if you purchase two items, your name will be entered twice, and so on.

In order to qualify for the drawing, I must receive proof of your purchase(s). When you place your order, you will receive from VIDA an order confirmation e-mail. This confirmation does not contain your payment information or details. Just forward a copy of the e-mail to me at If you like, in the subject line, you can put “Free VIDA Clutch” or something else to that effect.

REMINDER: VIDA’s “Art of Style” sale which allows you to save up to $250 expires Sunday, May 28, 2017 at midnight PST. In addition to this fabulous sale, VIDA now has ongoing FREE US-WIDE SHIPPING ON ORDERS OF $150+.

But wait . . . there’s more! To also show my deep appreciation for my previous customers as well, the names of everyone I know of who have purchased from my Collection will also go into this drawing!!! Again, the number of items purchased will determine the number of times your names go in. So, for any of you who have made purchases that I’m not aware of, now is the time for you to upload your pictures of you or the recipient of your gift wearing the items to my Facebook page Modeling Maxine’s VIDA Designs. This will allow me to place your name into the drawing.

To shop my Collection, click here.

And as always, this is from my heart ❤ to yours ❤ !

Maxine 🙂